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The BC|RQUEST global network

  • Combines the data assets of biobanks around the world
  • Makes it easy to determine sample/data availability across biobanks
  • Gives rapid response to analytic queries on aggregate genomic and clinical data
  • Streamlines collaboration between biobanks and external researchers
  • Minimizes the need to harmonize multiple sources of diverse data

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More Powerful Collaboration

Our relationships with Data Partners focus on being good stewards of data by providing to our Data Partners:

  • Sustainability and growth from revenue
  • Maximized data generation/use and cutting-edge research opportunities
  • Enhanced efficiency and alignment with global standards and local legislation
  • Ability to do more with your current team
  • Peace of mind they will retain ownership and control

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BC Platforms has collaborated with a diverse range of organizations around the world for more than 20 years.

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